Equipping the Church

Let’s say you’d be interested in a small group if they were studying something that you wanted to study. Maybe there are only a couple of small groups in the church and one is [...]


Being Christian

“Being a Christian” is, according to some, the easiest thing in the world. We say something out loud (or, quietly in our heart) about being sorry for our sins and inviting Jesus in, [...]


The Cross of Christ

The cross of Christ doesn’t make sense in the modern Western world. It was an instrument of execution and the Romans felt that Jesus was enough of a danger that He should be executed [...]


Fall Sermon Series

Hi, friends We’re well into our fall series on the Holy Spirit. We’ve looked at how the Holy Spirit operated through different individuals in the Old Testament – only rarely, [...]


What does God want?

Have you ever met a truly humble person? Would you know one if you met one? Humility is one of those words that’s hard to define, but not so hard to recognize. Let’s see if you can [...]



When someone enters the witness stand in a court room and declares, “This is what I saw and this is what I heard”, their testimony has a powerful influence on the outcome of the trial. The judge [...]


No Fear (Part 3)

The second question has to do with the nature of our salvation: How can we have assurance in the face of our failure to live up to the fulness of what God has given to us in Christ? How easy is [...]


No Fear (Part 2)

There are many Christians who struggle with a kind of fear that they feel is particular to them, the struggle with doubts about their salvation. They read convicting verses of Scripture and [...]



Whatever happened to “No Fear”? That was a trendy slogan a few years back, but it has very little in common with the true feelings of North Americans today. Fear is everywhere in our world, and [...]


Having Something to Say

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #0F5D94;”] A [/dropcap] few years ago we wrote in journals private thoughts that were seldom shared with others. In today’s world we [...]