At Silver Valley we want to give generously to the cause of Jesus’ Kingdom around the world. Among the many ways of doing that are sending people out into the mission field — people such as Murray and Carol Moerman who work with Outreach Canada to encourage church planting all over the world. We have also sent a team of short-term missionaries to Mexico a few years back and are exploring opportunities for doing so again.


Most recently we have commissioned Teresa who is now a missionary in China, working with Healing Hope Organization to provide excellent care in seniors’ homes. If you would like to support Teresa, you can do so through “Go and Love Foundation” with an attached note that says: “For Healing Hope Project – to support Teresa Leung’s ministry”. Checks can be mailed to:

Go and Love Foundation Canada
2343 Brimley Rd., Suite #852
Toronto, Ontario M1S 3L6

As a church we are committed to tithing our general fund offerings to support the work of other worthy Christian organizations in ministering the good news in a variety of ways. Below is a brief description of each of those ministries and links that will provide you with much more detail about their activities.


International Justice Mission Canada

Jesus had a special concern for those who were in bondage of some kind: to sickness, to spiritual forces of evil, to legalism, to poverty and to oppression by those more powerful. IJM Canada works in many countries of the world to defend the rights of, and to bring freedom to, slaves (whether brick kilns or the sex trade or elsewhere), widows who are being dispossessed of their homes (especially in Africa) and those who are being oppressed by the authorities. IJM helps to bring these people to freedom, to prosecute their oppressors in courts of law and to provide after care for the victims and structural change in the countries that have allowed this abuse to happen.

Canadian website:
American website:


B.C. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

The M.B. Church was instrumental in the start of Silver Valley and we continue to be a part of the family of M.B. Churches (now over 100 in B.C.). This denomination has a very impressive “footprint” in B.C. and around the world as it launched the C2C church planting initiative across Canada, the ministry of A.C.T.S. Seminary in Langley and Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, the intense and exciting ministry of summer camps to reach young people through Camps B.C., and the various ministries of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Communitas Supportive Care Society and Mennonite Disaster Relief Services. The B.C. Conference is also committed to world missions through its MB Missions, Disciple Making International and TREK programs. There is so much going on that I can’t list all the links here . . . but fortunately they have done that for us. Go the the BCMB website and click ‘links’.


Hope for the Nations

Hope for the Nations works in many countries around the world to give hope to the children who have been left without parents through civil war, AIDS, or other reasons. Liberia is one such nation and we as a church have been supporting the ministry of HFTN in Ganta, Liberia, an area devastated by many years of war, an area where children need hope. HFTN provides that hope through a home for orphaned children, through a school called Hope Academy, through a farm that helps provide their food and through teaching children how to start their own microbusiness. There are many success stories and you can find out more on their website:


Outreach Canada

Murray and Carol Moerman are based in Worthing, England and from there are involved in a variety of ministries that are all geared towards encouraging church planting movements around the world. They began by focusing their efforts on building teams to oversee church planting in various countries of Europe and have since helped develop a training centre in Europe and a world-wide network of initiators called the “Global Church Planting Network”. Their passion for building the Kingdom through church planting has already had great effect in Canada and in Europe and will continue as they focus on the global harvest field.

You can find out more on the Europe website: