Equipping the Church

Let’s say you’d be interested in a small group if they were studying something that you wanted to study. Maybe there are only a couple of small groups in the church and one is studying apologetics and the other is looking at stories from the life of Jesus — but you feel a strong need for a group that shares together about marriage or parenting. If you could get a group of interested people together, who would lead the group? What materials would you use to give positive input to strengthen marriages or parents?

Silver Valley has just entered into an agreement with RightNow Media, based in Texas, that will provide video teaching resources on a wide range of topics. There are Bible Studies and video teachings for men, for women, on marriage and parenting, on recovery, for youth and for college students, on issues like money management and work, on leadership and on evangelism. There is also a large library of resources for children, great for parents who want to teach biblical values in a fun and creative way.

Over the next few weeks, people who attend Silver Valley Community Church will be receiving an invitation from RightNow Media to begin accessing the wide array of teaching that is now available to us. Look for this in your inbox and make sure this doesn’t slip over into your spam file — you’ll definitely want to have access to this material. What does it cost you? Nothing. There is no charge for your use of any of this material, no matter how often you use it. The church pays a subscription fee which includes all the email addresses we send in. Here’s what I’d like you to do:

1. When you get “logged in” to the website, take some time to skim through the resources that you see, especially those that may have a particular interest for you or your family.

2. If there is one series of Bible Studies or themed messages that you would like to see a group of people study together, then send me an email and we’ll try to guage the interest in the church for that kind of group.

3. I would like to start a “recommended” series, maybe in our newsletter or online, in which people recommend a teaching video and add a couple of sentences about why you liked it, what you found helpful, encouraging, etc.

Prior to all this, I’m looking for volunteers who are available at noon (from 12 – 12:45) on Wednesday, April 16th to take some online training in how to get the most out of these resources. You would then be able to help others register for and use the materials. Any takers?

I believe this will be a great blessing to the people of our church, and perhaps we can find ways to use this resource to impact the lives of others who aren’t currently attached to a church family. Let me know if you have questions — I probably have some of the same ones — but we’ll make sure that we get the answers we need to move forward.

Blessings, Dave