2015 Winter Update from Teresa

Shalom. I am now in BC visiting and counting the Lord’s manifold blessings:


Ministry in China:

By the Lord’s grace, doors here remain open for me to serve. Currently, I serve three H. churches and two marketplace fellowships on a regular base, and three others irregularly. The focus of the ministry is on leadership mentoring, preaching, teaching, and initiating local evangelism as well as overseas mission.


Ministry in Nepal:

Since the earth quake, I was given the opportunity to go over three times. The first time was to scout the land. The second time to follow up and establish rapport with community leaders for disaster relief ministries. The third time to represent the Shenzhen Medical Fellowship to investigate options of mission partnership. In the process, I sensed God’s calling liken to that of the call of Macedonia; experienced the Lord’s hand at work; was moved by the needs of the people and inspired by actions of faith and love of the local churches. I believe that it is the Lord’s will to call the Church of China for mission. Mission to Nepal is one of the routes through which the Chinese Church might carry the baton of Gospel through to Jerusalem. I shared the vision and challenged those I associate with in China to give and to go over to serve. Their response was positive. The process is as follows: –

  • Established partnership with a Nepalese church. The church was found by an Indian Missionary. Since establishment, they have planted 26 churches in cities and remote villages.
  • Raised sufficient funding to:
    help buying a piece of land for rebuilding one of their collapsed churches
    b. build a small clinic and community health center in another site where medical services is needed.
    (These being achieved, we continue to call for donations: to support schooling of their Bible school students and earth quake orphans; to rebuild houses for believers; and eventually to open a home for Down Syndrome children.)
  • Rallied a short term mission team to go over for two weeks in January 2016. We aim to provide free medical and community health care services, and do house visits and Gospel sharing. Those who have put in their names are not medical professionals. We continue to pray for doctors, nurses and counselors to join in.


Personal and Family Affairs:

I am doing well; ministry fruitful, health sound, provision abundant:-

  • With the generous giving from churches, fellowships and individuals, not only is my expenses covered, I can even share in the grace of giving when fellow servants are in need.
  • Though not without health issues, the Lord healed so miraculously time after time that no trace of damage is left.
  • Family reunion in Canada. Daniel and I went for a road trip in October. We were thoroughly blessed with the time and conversations shared; the visits with friends and relatives; and the awesome beauty of His creation. Back in BC, I went with Danila to Vancouver Island for four days. Again, the time with each other was most precious. We had good food and accommodations. Even the weather turned out to be in our favour. There was yet another icing on the cake. We gave a ride to two Israelites hitchhikers and shared Christ with them. They were hitchhiking all the way throughout USA and Canada. When we met, they were soaking wet, exhausted from camping in the rain the night before. We pray that the two hours on the road with them may spring into life everlasting.
  • Danila is living in Coquitlam, BC. She is taking a sign language course and is enjoying it. The first two years of this course is evening, part-time. She is therefore looking for full-time work to support herself.
  • Daniel is in still in London, Ontario. He is no longer with the Pioneers. He keeps up with the Move-In Ministry and with helping the youth ministry at the London Alliance Church. In the meantime, he is taking time to process takings from the road trip and is pondering new ways to embrace life.


Prayer Requests:

  1. For Danila and Daniel for guidance, healing, acting faith, open doors, and growth in relationship with God and His people.
  2. For the short-term mission to Nepal for the team and those they serve.
  3. For the Church of China for wisdom, courage and boldness; that they may stand firm, and have good testimony before authorities. Also for renewed passion for evangelism and mission
  4. For the Church of Nepal and their country. They are experiencing extreme difficulties; their houses collapsed, homes broken, dreams shattered, and their supply from India frozen. May the Lord turn these calamities into blessings; may hearts be opened and prepared; may this nation be turned into a city on the hill for the Lord’s glory

Thank you to all of you who love and support us, whether by prayer and or giving. May your share of mission in China and Nepal be rewarded abundantly, both on earth and in Heaven.

Blessings and love in Christ,