Peace to you!

Persecution against non-registered members of the Body has gradually and systematically spread. More and more servants are being locked up, some deported, gathering places closed, and gatherings being banned. It is a time of purification and awakening, as if the Lord is preparing His bride for His second coming. As it spread, passion for the work of the Good News and longing for His return is heightened. Fellow servants here are crying out more fervently to Him, who reins from eternity to eternity, for strength and deliverance of the suffering members, for His act of salvation, and for sending more harvesters for such time. Yesterday, two gathering places were closed. Servants and friends there are dear to me, they were apprehended, no idea when and how they might be freed yet. Please pray for them and their families, and for others who are in similar situation.

On another note, my eldest brother, a non-believer, has lost his hearing and is waiting for a schedule for cochlear implant. Because of the hearing lost, he feels isolated, disconnected and depressed. Writing has been his only means of communication but his writing is minimal. So he sits home and watches the clock clicking when his family is out for work during the day. Something magical happened when I visited him two weeks ago. I was writing to encourage him, affirming him that the Lord does hear his inner voice; he could simply cry out to Jesus for help. Then I asked if I might pray for him, he agreed. When I finished praying, he uttered these words,
[quote]”I can hear you clearly when you pray.”[/quote] That prayer was the only thing he could hear, no more, no less. It was a divine moment that bought both of us in tears of joy. I believe that the Holy Spirit had touched his life and was kind enough to enable him hear it audibly.

One more thing, I will be in Vancouver between Sept 30 and Oct 29 to attend to some personal matters. My time schedule is quite open except for the first week. Please drop me a note if you are in Vancouver in October and have time for a visit.