Teresa’s August 2013 Update

Things change. Often changes are not as we will and think; they are, in the Lord’s hands, different and higher than what we can think of and anticipate. Here are some of those higher and different ones:

Worship policy changed. The residents and staff of the first HHO care home used to worship ghosts, ancestors and other gods inside the premises. The annual ghost worship festival falls on the middle of August. People eagerly expected the new leadership to continue with the ritual of ghost worship. I stood my ground and proposed to displace the ghost worship with a community memorial service to convey our love for the living and respect for the dead. The Christian leadership team was divided, some fear to offend people, others fear to offend God. The Lord intervened. He touched the hearts of the administrator and the assistant administrator, both devoted Buddhist; they turned around to support my proposal, they proactively took part in the promotion of the event, they dressed in black and were the first ones to speak in the service. Many followed their example; they step forward to speak, shedding tears, sharing their regrets and comforts. I seized the opportunity to announce the change of policy; no more ghost or ancestor or gods worship on-site, but there will be memorial for each deceased, and there will be a memoir garden set aside for all to plant plants in memory of their lost family and friends. The attendance of over one hundred residents and staff (i.e. almost 50% representation) received that news with peace. Their feedback was generally positive: “even better than before….very touching….change for the better.” Praise the Lord for such miraculous change; it sets the tone for future spiritual expression on campus.

“Change for the better” is the situation with Danila and Daniel. Danila’s learning began with mild turbulence. The change in culture, weather and language has a toll on her. In a month’s time, she endured flu, food poisoning, and some other minor blues. However, something good came out of those changes; she gained perspective on cultural impact and is making progress. Daniel’s summer plan changed. Instead of job hunting, he was given the opportunity to help out at two “MK” camps, one in Toronto, the other in South Carolina. He gained insights, had good times, and proved to be instrumental in touching the lives of the missionary kids. This change of plan is good preparation for his itinerary speaking coming up in January.

Change continues to happen in the context of my service. Over the last two months, and especially the last two weeks, Abba Father has shown me a time-line with HHO. I kept the Board of Directors posted and agreed to continue serving with them on the same platform for six months dated back in July. Then move on to wait on the Lord for the next assignment in Hong Kong and China. Although other doors of service are open, my understanding at this point and time is to wait; wait for the clarity of “Paul’s call of Macedonia” (Acts16:7-10) before taking the next step.

Please pray:

– For me, clarity and confirmation for my next assignment in China

– For the present ministry in the care home, transforming and lasting impact on the lives of the residents and staff

– For Danila, spiritual growth, health, and learning new knowledge and skill.

– For Daniel, preparation and open doors for his itinerary speaking in January 2014. He is given the assignment to speak in churches across Canada and he needs contacts for lining up appointments.