Teresa’s July Blog

Dear Friends,

Many amazing things have happened in the last two months and I would like to share some of them with you.

In May, Danila was sick and needed a break. She came to visit and travel with me in China. We prayed for miraculous healing. It happened. A Christian acupressure therapist prayerfully treated her for five sections. Her chronic pain was healed. She was offered a trainee position with the therapist for half a year or longer.

During the first three weeks of June, we found ourselves back in Vancouver, frantically emptying our rental suite while I went around meeting church families, friends and Christian communities to share God’s work in China as well as in our lives. The visits were heartwarming and joyful, the sharing fruitful. Some committed to pray and support me financially, some began to ask whether there is more than what it is in life, some simply rejoiced in hearing about God’s work, some had their faith strengthened. All these fuelled us. However, leaving our home town, friends and relatives behind was still emotionally draining and physically exhausting. If it wasn’t for the prayer and help of many we could not have made it. To those of you who lent us helping hands, who walked with us through it all, hats off – THANK YOU!! You showed us what it is to love in action; we can enjoy and appreciate friendship fuller and deeper.

The last week of June was a time of family reunion in London, Ontario where Daniel now resides and serves. There again we experienced God’s providence. Prior to our visit, Daniel was having difficulty finding accommodation and a car. We prayed for timely provision; timely provision was given. Daniel rented a room in a good location just two days before we arrived. We were able to stay for free in the same house with him during our visit. Within days, he found a used car, good condition and cheap. He also managed to go through all the hoops and loops of vehicle insurance and registration before we left.

Here comes an exciting announcement. The contract of the first HHO care home and hospital project was signed on May 28th!! The Official take over date is August 1st , the opening ceremony on August 3rd. What an historical moment to celebrate!! It is awesome to see how God sovereignly made it happen, and I am thankful to have a part in it.

Other news. I have recently entered into a new phase of trusting partnership with HHO. We freed each other from obligations of time-frame and financial commitment; simply serve alongside as an undivided team to fulfill the Lord’s agenda in this endeavour. This partnership may not be conventional but biblical. After all, it is the Good Lord who sent me, the Abba Father who provides abundantly and faithfully. So I have every reason to be thankful. Thankful in the fact that I am led to serve on the same platform with team HHO, a team that embraces the same vision and passion, a team that cares, a team that dares to charter unfamiliar terrain, a team that is versatile and dynamic. Thankful also in the situation in which me and my household must fully live and serve by faith, fully heed the heels of the Lord, and the situation in which I am happy to humbly collaborate with other volunteer leaders in HHO to develop holistic care for the advancement and continuation of the Gospel.

All three of us and the Team of HHO are now off to a fresh start. Daniel continues to look for a summer job and a church in which to fellowship and serve. Danila will soon begin her learning in China. I have already plunged into the work of setting up the department of holistic care in LePing. From this point on, we need to depend fully on the Lord’s guidance and provision, and count more on your on-going prayer support. Please also note that the arrangement with “Go and Love Foundation, Canada” for collection of donations and issuance of tax deductible receipts remains unchanged.


Prayer request:

For Daniel: summer job, church and fellowship, fundraising, prayer and support from donors, ministry partners, and his team.

For Danila: adjustment to the new culture, aptitude to learn, church to worship, friends to share life with.

For Teresa: prayer and financial support, clear vision, deep passion, and anointing to live and do as He directs.

For HHO: Establishment of prayer committees in N. America

Financial and Human resources – fundraising and recruiting

Wisdom, knowledge and resources for a smooth transition

Unity between team members from Hong Kong and China

Collaboration among the leadership team and with ministry partners

Daily protection and guidance for the team and the residents

Discernment in staff appointment and focus in ministry development

Divine intervention in the lives of the LePing staff and residents